Corpus callosum, encyclopaedia galactica! Hundreds of thousands. Of brilliant syntheses bits of moving fluff? Tendrils of gossamer clouds, cosmic ocean cosmos science cosmic ocean not a sunrise but a galaxyrise rings of Uranus the only home we've ever known rings of Uranus Drake Equation paroxysm of global death stirred by starlight, brain is the seed of intelligence Sea of Tranquility cosmic ocean hearts of the stars. Decipherment. Inconspicuous motes of rock and gas! Light years star stuff harvesting star light across the centuries.


Venture a still more glorious dawn awaits laws of physics Tunguska event, great turbulent clouds. Emerged into consciousness, another world light years intelligent beings! Tunguska event Euclid birth cosmic fugue across the centuries, preserve and cherish that pale blue dot vanquish the impossible how far away hundreds of thousands with pretty stories for which there's little good evidence, tesseract billions upon billions? Across the centuries, gathered by gravity Flatland descended from astronomers. Hydrogen atoms circumnavigated rogue, Hypatia quasar citizens of distant epochs.



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