All my life I’ve been attracted to taking things apart to see how they worked. I was often  less interested in putting them back together again! And the same applies to my life now. For example, I spend far more time finding out how to design a website or blog than I do actually doing it.

 The corollary is that I float from one task to another, never really finishing anything unless driven by outside considerations. The old mantra of F.O.C.U.S – follow one course until successful – is only applied under time pressure bu others. And part of the problem is a tendency never to record what I do so having to revisit learning later. Time is wasted…

So  decisions:   firstly to allocate a specific time and word count target for a daily blog post, no matter how short. An hour a day should be more than enough. Secondly to set up and use an indexed and searchable system of recording my learning, no matter how small; my possible conversion to OneNote might make that more doable. And thirdly, to learn WordPress and Elementor properly. I can’t justify paying for that, but there are enough videos and tutorials available on line which, if recorded (and planned) should be enough.

So here’s a random thought, and therefore a blog post. Effectively my first…  but possibly a means to more.